Variance Component Test

VarianceComponentTest.jl is a Julia package for performing exact variance component tests in genome-wide association study (GWAS). It provides three types of exact tests

  • exact likelihood ratio test (eLRT)
  • exact restricted likelihood ratio test (eRLRT)
  • exact score test (eScore)

The input files for VarianceComponentTest.jl are PLINK formatted files (.bed, .bim and .fam file), covariates file (.txt file) and trait file (.txt file). You should have these input files prepared before running our program. The output file (.out file) is a simple comma-delimited file containing the p-values for each group of SNPs under a certain testing scheme (eLRT, eRLRT or eScore).

To use VarianceComponentTest.jl, you need to call the gwasvctest() function.